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UberSeal Fillet Seal

A premium cement-based, quick-hardening mortar, UberSeal Fillet Seal is engineered to construct fillet joints at structural weak spots of waterproofing projects. It's ideal for reinforcing stress areas, including wall-to-floor and wall-to-wall junctions, and would typically be used in conjunction with UberSeal Tanking Slurry for robust and effective waterproofing.

Our Fillet Seal ensures a seamless transition between horizontal and vertical surfaces, minimizing the chance of any gaps during structural waterproofing. Additionally, it serves as an efficient repair mortar, quickly addressing and mending areas of damage, filling deep mortar joints, and smoothing out uneven surfaces making it even more versatile.



25kg: up to 1.4m² which would translate to up to 10 linear metres (at a thickness of 20mm).

Please note: Coverage is dependent on porosity and type of substrate.




Active water leaks should be addressed with UberSeal Waterstop (a rapid-setting plugging compound) before applying the UberSeal Fillet Seal. Surfaces requiring levelling, filling, or repairs should be clean and cleared of any loose materials and debris. For any localised repairs: create a clean, square edge by cutting back the repair area's boundaries.



Mix UberSeal SBR Additive with clean water at a 1:1 ratio (by volume). Apply the mixture onto the surface using a roller, brush, or spray. Wait for 30 minutes until the primer feels tacky to the touch.



  1. Pour 3 - 4 litres of clean water into a suitable mixing vessel.
  2. Using a Mortar Drill and Paddle, slowly start to add 100% of the powder into the bucket. Do this slowly to prevent dust generation. Slowly increase the drill speed and mix for 1 - 3 minutes, ensuring all powder is incorporated.
  3. If needed, slowly incorporate water and mix to achieve the desired consistency, adding no more than 1 litre maximum. Please note: Adding more water than recommended will compromise the strength and diminish the waterproofing capabilities of the fillet seal.
  4. Apply the material at the base of the wall and create a fillet using a trowel or fillet tool.
  5. Full surface layers can be applied up to 20mm thick.
  6. In areas of high stress concentration at wall/floor joints, use a diluted mixture of UberSeal SBR Additive at a ratio of 1:2 with water (by volume) as a gauging solution.

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UberSeal Fillet Seal TDS

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