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UberSeal Renovation Plaster

UberSeal Renovation Plaster is engineered to replicate the properties of a traditional 1:1:6 cement, lime, and sand mortar, with Perlite serving as a lightweight, aggregate substitute. This formulation results in a plaster that combines ease of application with structural integrity.

This advanced plastering solution is specifically formulated to address dampness permeation in walls by blending waterproofing and salt-inhibiting additives, effectively reducing efflorescence and pattern staining. The incorporation of lime enhances the plaster's alkalinity, creating an environment that inhibits mould formation. Additionally, the inclusion of man-made fibres minimizes shrinkage and improves the material's flexural strength, making it an ideal choice for both restoration and new construction projects.

Its thermal insulating properties also reduce the likelihood of condensation on internal wall surfaces and in basement areas, ensuring a more stable and dry internal environment.

Whilst UberSeal offers single buckets for smaller jobs, we are also providing a bulk buy option, making it more convenient for larger renovation jobs. You can buy it in the following quantities:

  • 10 x 20kg bags
  • 20 x 20kg bags
  • 30 x 20kg bags
  • 40 x 20kg bags

This product works perfectly in conjunction with our High Impact Finishing Plaster, for an effective, all-in-one replastering system.



A 20kg unit will provide a coverage of up to 3m² at a depth of 10mm.




Ensure all surfaces are clean, stable, and free of loose materials, dust, laitance, or old coatings, revealing the underlying brickwork, masonry, or concrete. If applicable, remove all traces of previous gypsum plaster coatings, any organic matter that may be present, remove any embedded foreign objects such as nails or timber fixings, rake out loose joints to 20mm, and clean out any voids.



Mix UberSeal SBR Additive with clean water at a 1:1 ratio (by volume). Apply the mixture onto the surface using a roller, brush, or spray. Wait for 30 minutes until the primer feels tacky to the touch. Surfaces heavily contaminated with salt may need additional preparation, potentially involving the application of UberSeal Salt Inhibitor.



  1. Place the recommended amount of clean water, between 9 - 11 litres, into a mixing bucket.
  2. Using a Mortar Drill and Paddle, gradually start to add the powder whilst mixing at a low speed to reduce dust generation.
  3. Add all powder, gradually increasing the mixing speed and mix for approx. 1 - 3 minutes to achieve a uniform, lump-free plaster. Please note: mixing time must not exceed 5 minutes as will compromise the thermal properties of the product.
  4. Allow the Renovating Plaster mixture to rest for a few minutes before application enhances ease of application.
  5. Using a plastering trowel, apply the Renovating Plaster in layers of up to 10mm thickness. Once finished, allow to cure for 24 hours before applying a recommended second coat, ensuring the total thickness does not surpass 25mm.
  6. Between coats, and prior to applying a finish coat, lightly comb or scratch the surface to create a mechanical key for better adhesion.



  • DO NOT: apply in temperatures below 5°C or on frozen surfaces.
  • Please note: This product is not waterproof, but instead prevents soluble salt passage and mould growth due to its alkalinity. A Damp Proof Course (DPC) is recommended to mitigate further water entry.

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