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UberSeal Waterstop

UberSeal WaterStop is a ready-mixed, cement-based water plug. Quick to set, it is effective in halting water leakage in as little as three minutes, making it ideal for concrete and masonry applications. The blend incorporates chemical modifiers and specially selected aggregates to guarantee a comprehensive seal against water. 

Functional and effective

When activated with water, the WaterStop's chemical modifiers initiate a rapid hardening process. In just minutes, it solidifies into a sturdy mortar plug capable of staunching water ingress. Whilst UberSeal Waterstop offers a more present solution to water leaks, it serves as a provisional repair and should be followed by a permanent tanking treatment, such as UberSeal Tanking Slurry for more lasting protection.



The supplied 5kg will produce 3 litres of mixed unit, however coverage is dependant on the required situation.




For optimal adhesion, begin by thoroughly clearing away any loose debris to achieve a solid, clean surface by wire brushing, chiselling or scraping loose materials until a clean, sound substrate remains. For addressing cracks, horizontal, and construction joints, cut them to at least 20mm in depth and width.

Please Note: priming is not required for applications in wet conditions. However, for dry concrete or masonry, moisten the area with clean water before applying the WaterStop.



  1. Combine UberSeal WaterStop powder with clean water in a ratio of four to one in a clean mixing vessel. Our recommendation is for 1kg of powder, add 250-270ml of clean water.
  2. Wearing chemical resistant gloves (Nitrile), we recommend mixing the powder and water together by hand for best results. Please note: Don't mix any more than can be placed within 2 minutes.
  3. After mixing, using either a fillet trowel or gloved hand, firmly press the Waterstop into the crack or fillet. Aim to move the mixture toward the area of highest water pressure.
  4. Smooth the material into place against the pressure using a chemically resistant gloved (Nitrile) hand until it sets.
  5. Within three minutes, trim any excess material from the surface and moisten the fillet post-application.



  • IMPORTANT: Upon mixing with water, the product becomes alkaline. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Use protective eyewear, dust mask, and gloves. Rinse skin with water if contact occurs.
  • Please note: Mix only enough material for immediate use. WaterStop sets in 60 - 90 seconds and cannot be reworked once it has set.
  • DO NOT: apply in temperatures below 5°C or on frozen surfaces.


Data sheet

Shelf Life
6 months - unopened, undamaged and stored correctly.

Specific References



UberSeal Waterstop TDS

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