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Chemical Resistant Bund Sealer

Price £64.16

£64.16 ex VAT.

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Resincoat Chemical Resistant Bund Sealer is a heavy duty polyurethane coating for use on bund walls and areas where excellent chemical resistance and a leak-proof seal are essential. This paint can achieve a waterproof seal with just one coat and has excellent damp proof properties.


  • Easy to apply, two part formula

  • Excellent chemical resistance to oils, acids, alkalis, solvents and more.

  • Ideal for use on bund walls, tanks and pipes.

  • Suitable for internal and external use

Resincoat Garage Door Paint Bundle

Price £33.33

£33.33 ex VAT.

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Resincoat garage door paint bundle includes everything you'll need to transform your garage door. Customers have a choice of 3 stylish colour options. This coating boasts excellent colour stability that will not fade over time. The DIY friendly kit is easy to apply, with the premium formulation flowing easily across your surface. Proudly manufactured in the UK the garage door paint will last for many years.  


  • Luxury coating 

  • Outstanding colour stability 

  • Designed to last

  • Stylish high gloss finish

  • Excellent weather resistance

  • Excellent flow - DIY friendly

Resincoat Write On, Wipe Off Wall Paint

Price £43.33

£43.33 ex VAT.

Availability: 49748 In Stock

This coating has been developed to replace whiteboards. Bespoke whiteboards are expensive and alternatives only last a short while before they become marked permanently.


Resincoat's solution is simple, using our newly formulated Write On, Wipe Off wall coating, design the board size yourself, simply mark out the board area and apply the coating. Leave for one day whilst the tough plastic coating cures and then use as a ‘normal whiteboard’ - No fixtures or fittings needed! The result is a washable, whiteboard effect paint that you can easily write on and wipe off. 


  • Produce your own bespoke white board at a fraction of the cost!

  • Easy to apply - two coats are recommended but this coating covers up to 8m² per 1kg!

  • Very tough paint coating and washable with regular board wipes

  • Available with an anti-bacterial option


Note: For best cleaning results consider Resincoat Whiteboard Cleaning Spray.

Resincoat HB Epoxy Warehouse Floor Paint

Regular price £44.98 Price £22.49 -50%

£22.49 ex VAT.

Availability: 49935 In Stock

Resincoat Warehouse Floor Paint is designed with industrial warehousing in mind. The formula provides great abrasion resistance with a smooth and long lasting high build finish. Strong and durable qualities also make it perfect for workshops, storerooms and other heavy-use areas.


  • Incredibly durable

  • Suitable for forklift traffic

  • 100% Solids

  • Oil & chemical resistant

  • Superb coverage rates (17 - 20+ sqm /5kg)

  • Solvent Free - Unlike cheaper alternatives


Get a quote for your commercial project

Antibacterial Wall Coating

Price £37.49

£37.49 ex VAT.

Availability: 5000 In Stock

Resincoat Epoxy Anti-Bacterial Wall Coating has been independently tested (ISO 22196) and given accreditation from Biomaster, the UK’s leading provider of anti-bacterial agents. This coating is ideal for use on walls in hospital wards, hygiene control areas, schools and more. The coating will adhere to most substrates including concrete, wood, metal and more.


  • Easy to clean

  • >99.9% effective against E.coli, Staph Aureus and superbug MRSA

  • Professional Finish

  • Superb Coverage Rates


This product has been independently tested to ISO 22196 and given accreditation from Biomaster, the UK's leading provider of antibacterial agents.

Resincoat Anti-Slip Step Paint System

Regular price £118.32 Price £59.16 -50%

£59.16 ex VAT.

Availability: 49997 In Stock

Resincoat Anti-Slip Step Paint is a high strength coating to provide long lasting slip resistance to stairs and steps. This complete non-slip stair paint system withstands regular and high pedestrian traffic. Works well even when applied onto the stair riser with limited dripping. Manufactured in the UK, the epoxy formula is high strength and will last for many years.


  • Easy to mix & apply

  • Suitable for use indoors and outdoors

  • Available in fine, medium or coarse

  • Highly durable

  • Usable on metals, concretes, grano and more

  • Low VOC and Solvent Free


Resincoat Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Ramp Paint System

Regular price £141.67 Price £70.83 -50%

£70.83 ex VAT.

Availability: 49997 In Stock

Resincoat Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Ramp Paint is a high strength two-coat system designed to provide long lasting slip resistance to ramps and walkways. This coating is perfect for regular pedestrian traffic but also wheeled traffic, making it a great choice for wheelchair accessibility ramps. Manufactured in the UK the paint boasts a long lasting professional finish.


  • High quality epoxy resin

  • Choice of anti slip profiles

  • Highly durable design

  • Choice of colours

  • Easy to apply with limited dripping


Resincoat Polyurethane Joint Sealant

Price £20.83

£20.83 ex VAT.

Availability: 56 In Stock

Resincoat polyurethane joint sealant is a two part catalysed, flexible polyurethane sealant ideal for use in freezers and refrigerators down to -2°C. Boasting a rapid cure time the cold storage sealant is great for quick turnaround repairs. The product can be easily poured into any exposed joints and will provide a perfect expansion joint sealant in cold conditions.


  • Cures in temperatures down to -2°C

  • Fast curing

  • Non food tainting - safe to use

  • Low odour

  • Flexible formula allowing for movement

  • Extremely durable


Fast Curing Formula

Rapid cure time for cold storage projects that require a quick turnaround. 


Resincoat Non-Slip Decking Paint

Price £45.00

£45.00 ex VAT.

Availability: 4883 In Stock

Resincoat Non-Slip Decking Paint is a two-part anti-slip coating formulated to provide a safe and highly attractive decking surface. It is an easy-to-use aggregated coating typically used in domestic, industrial and commercial decking areas. Highly durable, the coating is great for heavy foot traffic.


  • Easy To Clean 

  • Attractive Gloss Finish 

  • Surface Usable in 24 hours 

  • UV Stable & Weather Resistant 

  • Superb Coverage

Resincoat All In One Concrete Repair Mortar

Regular price £27.22 Price £20.41 -25%

£20.41 ex VAT.

Availability: 48505 In Stock

All-in-One Epoxy Concrete Repair Mortar from Resincoat is the ultimate patch material for concrete repair. With a finish harder than concrete and extreme long-life durablity this product is ideal for almost any repair job such as road repair or fixing pot holes. The three-part formula has been designed with the end user in mind allowing you to get the job done quickly, with a professional finish.


  • Cures stronger than concrete

  • Heavy duty formula

  • Easy to apply

  • Impervious and dust free

  • Three part system

  • Includes free mixing tub!*


Bulk Discounts - save up to 15% extra
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26+ 15%
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Resincoat Ecomarine HB Boat Paint

Price £100.33

£100.33 ex VAT.

Availability: 50000 In Stock

Resincoat Ecomarine HB Epoxy Boat Paint is engineered to resist salt and corrosive elements in ocean water, providing durable protection for boats and sea-faring vessels. Its high build properties make it suitable for freshwater boats, and with just two coats, it offers the strength equivalent to ten coats of traditional solvent coatings. Durable, anti-slip, and chemically resistant, this paint redefines marine coatings with efficiency and robust defence.


  • Salt water resistant

  • Easy to clean

  • Surface Usable in 24hrs

  • Excellent anti slip resistance 

  • Superb coverage rates (17 - 20+ sqm /5kg)


Resincoat Garage Door Paint Primer

Price £19.16

£19.16 ex VAT.

Availability: 10 In Stock

Resincoat garage door paint primer is an easy to use, premium formulation that primes your surface ensuring good adhesion. Available in white, the primer boasts excellent corrosion protection ensuring better durability of subsequent topcoats. DIY friendly the formula is fast drying and is easy to apply. Proudly manufactured in the UK to a high standard. 


  • Premium formula

  • Fast drying 

  • Easy to apply

  • Good corrosion protection

  • Superb coverage


This product is designed as an undercoat for Resincoat Garage Door Paint

Resincoat Rapid Set Epoxy Repair Mortar

Regular price £49.43 Price £37.08 -25%

£37.08 ex VAT.

Availability: 4886 In Stock

Resincoat Rapid Set is the fastest curing epoxy repair mortar on the market. Developed in the Resincoat laboratory, this mortar is unique in that it offers fully trafficable repair in just two hours, even at low temperatures. The product is a three-component resin and aggregate that is ideal for time critical repairs to damaged concrete floors and potholes.


  • 2-4 hour cure time - fastest on the market

  • Rapid cure even at lower temperatures (5°C and above)

  • Virtually indestructible formula

  • Easy to use

  • Includes free mixing bucket!


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Resincoat Deep Fill Epoxy Repair Mortar

Regular price £44.43 Price £33.33 -25%

£33.33 ex VAT.

Availability: 4873 In Stock

Resincoat Deep Fill Epoxy Concrete Repair Mortar is perfect for larger potholes and deep cracks in concrete surfaces. The material is easy to apply and will cure harder than the concrete around it. This formula is designed to be suitable both indoor and out and therefore is perfect for repairing concrete in warehouses, car parks, staircases and more.


  • For holes up to 50mm deep 

  • Incredible strength

  • Impervious and dust free

  • Three part system

  • Includes free mixing bucket!*


Bulk Discounts - save up to 20% extra
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16+ 10%
26+ 15%
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Car Park Decking System

Price £116.66

£116.66 ex VAT.

Availability: 449 In Stock

Resincoat Car Park Decking System is a damp tolerant, flexible polyurethane resin system formulated for use in car parks or other high-vehicle use areas. The system is designed to include additional abrasion and impact resistance to last in a car park environment.


  • Waterproof & vehicle spill resistant

  • Solvent-free polyurethane system

  • Easy to clean & maintain

  • Highly durable, long lasting system

  • Available in a wide range of gloss colours


This system can also be made anti-slip on request for extra safety in walkway areas. Additional line marking paints can be used to help to designate parking bays or pathways.

Triple Garage Floor Paint Bundle

Regular price £1,116.65 Price £558.33 -50%

£558.33 ex VAT.

Availability: 49974 In Stock

Resincoat Triple Garage Floor Bundle is our biggest bundle, giving you everything you need to create a professional finish in your large garage space of up to 80m² at an affordable price. This bundle is ideal for three to four car garages or small industrial spaces. Everything you need to mix and apply the paint is included along with a primer suitable for your current floor and our high strength formula epoxy floor coating. 


  • 100% Solids

  • Two Part Epoxy

  • Low VOC and Diluent & Solvent Free

  • Not water based like cheaper alternatives

  • Stunning gloss finish

  • Oil & Petrol Spill Resistant


For smaller garages try our single garage bundle or double garage bundle.


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