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Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating Kit

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Resincoat Metallic Epoxy is a three component, high performance concrete floor coating system. This paint can create amazing marble effect floors and highly attractive metallic surfaces. With a vast range of colours you can create striking unique designs. Easy to install the finish can be achieved by any user no matter their experience.


Benefits Of Metallic Epoxy Paint:

  • No contractors required

  • UV resistant

  • Quick & easy installation - long pot life

  • Totally unique design & finish

  • Great choice of colour options - high gloss finish


Sample product available for just £22!


Resincoat Pro Tarmac Paint

Price £66.66

£66.66 ex VAT.

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Bring your tarmac back to its former glory with our Pro tarmac paint. Resincoat Pro Tarmac Paint is a reviver & sealer that is incredibly durable. Unlike cheap bitumen products available in DIY shops that provide a temporary solution Pro Tarmac Sealer will totally rejuvenate your driveway and replaces lost resins and colours from tarmac. 


  • Restores colour loss

  • Excellent coverage 

  • Safe, water based formula

  • Ideal for tarmac

  • Long lasting finish

Antibacterial Anti-Slip Epoxy Floor Paint

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Resincoat antimicrobial anti slip floor paint is a high strength epoxy formula that is incredibly durable. Ideal for use on high traffic hospital floors and areas where slip prevention and antimicrobial properties are of equal importance. The anti slip profile is available in fine, medium or coarse providing excellent slip resistant on both wet & dry surfaces.


  • Professional Slip-Resistant Finish

  • ≥99.9% Kill Rate of Bacteria

  • Surface Usable in 24 hours

  • Available in Fine (0.4mm), Medium (0.8mm) or Coarse (2mm) Aggregate Sizes.

  • Superb Coverage

  • Low VOC and Solvent Free


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Resincoat Epoflow Self Levelling Screed - 24KG

Price £199.99

£199.99 ex VAT.

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Resincoat Epoflow Self Levelling Screed is a trowel applied flow topping formulated and designed to be laid 2mm-3mm thick. This is ideal for users who want to simultaneously screed and coat their floor. It gives a very hard wearing, easy to clean, hygienic, smooth and glossy finish. Perfect for repairing damaged or uneven floors where a premium quality finish is required.


  • Self Levelling, Smooth Gloss Finish

  • Low Odour, Solvent Free Formula

  • Surface Usable in 24 hours

  • Low Viscosity, Easy Flow Formula

  • Superb Coverage

Patio Paint Bundle

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Resincoat patio paint bundle is the perfect kit for transforming your outdoor space into a stylish, on-trend landscape. The bundle is perfect for DIYers and comes with everything you will need to prepare, prime and paint with our best selling patio floor paint. Manufactured in the UK the patio paint will seal & protect your patio as well as being UV stable and resistant to all weather conditions.


  • Everything included in the kit

  • DIY friendly - easy application

  • Resistant to staining

  • Jet washable

  • Stops re-growth of moss and algae

Resincoat Epoxy Crack Repair Filler

Price £24.99

£24.99 ex VAT.

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Resincoat Epoxy Crack Repair Filler is an ultra strong, pourable epoxy resin liquid crack filler. It is the ideal solution to penetrate, fill and seal fine cracks in concrete, brickwork or stone surfaces. Resincoat Epoxy Crack Repair is most suitable for pourable or pressure injection crack repairs in concrete or brickwork, curing to extremely high strengths. 


  • Easy to apply

  • VOC & Solvent Free

  • Pourable and Easy To Apply

  • Surface Usable in 12-24 hours (at 20°C)

  • Waterproof

  • Superb Coverage

Double Garage Floor Paint Bundle

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Resincoat Double Garage Floor Bundle is a cost-effective solution allowing you to achieve a high quality professional finish. Ideal for medium sized garages the kit includes everything you will need to easily mix and apply the floor paint along with a primer of your choice. Also included is our best selling epoxy floor coating offering an incredibly high strength, long lasting design.  


  • 100% Solids

  • Two Part Epoxy

  • Low VOC and Diluent & Solvent Free

  • Not water based like cheaper alternatives

  • Stunning gloss finish

  • Oil & Petrol Spill Resistant

We also have a single garage bundle for smaller garages and triple garage bundle for larger garages.

Complete the look with our Garage Wall Coating

Resincoat Weatherguard Paint

Price £90.83

£90.83 ex VAT.

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Resincoat Weatherguard Paint is an exterior wall coating that provides excellent UV stability and a protective shield from all weather conditions. This coating is recommended as a house paint or for painting external walls of buildings. Weatherguard will naturally restrict plant growth which will reduce persistent maintenance problems such as moss growth.


  • UV Stable

  • Choice of Professional Matt or Gloss Finish

  • Surface Usable in 24 hours

  • 100% Solvent Free

  • Superb Coverage

Resincoat Tack Coat

Price £42.49

£42.49 ex VAT.

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Resincoat tack coat is a resin adhesive primer for use before screeding or prior to use of Resincoat Concrete Repair products. The tack coat will seal the damaged concrete and create a key between existing concrete and repair materials. The Tack Coat will also help prevent any flaking or loose material from interupting the curing process of subsequent repair products.


  • Suitable for internal and external applications

  • Easy to apply - DIY friendly

  • Quick cure time

  • Good coverage rates

Resincoat Anti-Slip Paint Additive

Price £7.00

£7.00 ex VAT.

Availability: 49835 In Stock

Resincoat Aggregate is a kiln-dried silica sand which when added to paint gives it anti-slip properties. It is available in a range of grades to provide varied slip resistance as per user requirements. Resincoat Aggregate silica can be added to any of our floor paints and coatings, and even some screeds or mortars to improve the level of slip resistance achieved underfoot.

Resincoat Universal Floor Cleaner

Price £20.83

£20.83 ex VAT.

Availability: 49880 In Stock

Resincoat Universal Floor Cleaner is a low foaming neutral pH cleaning fluid, ideal for use in floor scrubbing machines or manual cleaning.


Formula contains waxes to produce a glossy appearance with added protection.

Resincoat Self Levelling Compound

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£34.17 ex VAT.

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Resincoat Self Levelling Compound is a fibre reinforced polymer rich, high strength, single part, self-smoothing resurfacing screed which is ideal for smoothing or levelling uneven or damaged concrete floors. It has exceptional abrasion resistance making it the number one choice for industrial and domestic settings. Its early strength development makes it the perfect substrate for overcoating with epoxy resin.   


  • Heavy duty - industrial strength

  • Fibre Reinforced Formula for increased strength

  • Compatible with High Build Epoxy Resins

  • Incredible high quality finish

  • Compressive strength of 30Nmm2

  • Flexural strength of 9mPa

Resincoat Epoxy Line Marking Paint

Price £22.00

£22.00 ex VAT.

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Resincoat epoxy line marking paint is a heavy duty paint offering excellent resistance to harsh chemicals and abrasion. This thixotropic epoxy paint has an engineered viscosity profile that is thin and easy to apply, then rapidly thickens to create permanent, durable lines. Ideal for clearly defining walkways from working areas in factories, warehouses and other highly trafficked industrial spaces.


  • Thixotropic epoxy paint

  • Thin & easy to apply 

  • Rapidly thickens for durable lines

  • Low bleed for clear lines with painters tape or stencils

  • Excellent chemical resistance

Resincoat Etch and Clean

Price £23.33

£23.33 ex VAT.

Availability: 3604 In Stock

Resincoat Etch and Clean is the easy way to prepare and clean your concrete floor before painting or resurfacing.


This product can be used on brick and concrete surfaces to remove laitance and neutralize alkalinity in new concretes (concretes must be at least 1 month old).


  • Removes a weak, dusty layer (laitance) on new floors

  • Provides a key for future coatings on smooth concrete

  • Excellent alternative to mechanical surface prep

  • Reduces alkalinity of new concrete to ensure a great bond

  • Colour changing formula indicates neutralisation

Hygienic Kennel & Cattery Paint

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£26.66 ex VAT.

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Resincoat Hygienic Kennel & Cattery Paint is a heavy-duty epoxy resin floor coating designed for highly trafficked areas where contact with animals is highly likely. Our formula is animal safe, antibacterial and exhibits the highest strength whilst offering smooth, attractive gloss finish. Our coating has been used in animal centres throughout the UK and proven to be a long-lasting, effective solution to floor coating this type of space.


  • Easy to apply & clean

  • Anti-bacterial

  • Perfect for animal centres, kennels and catteries

  • Incredible durable 

  • Low VOC and Solvent & Diluent Free

  • Optional Anti-Slip


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Antibacterial Epoxy Floor Paint

Regular price £109.99 Price £54.99 -50%

£54.99 ex VAT.

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Resincoat Antimicrobial floor paint is a heavy-duty epoxy resin ideal for coating highly trafficked areas where antibacterial properties are of paramount importance. Manufactured in the UK the coating offers a high quality epoxy resin formula that will last for many years. The coating boasts fast, effective, antimicrobial protection for the lifetime of the product. 


  • Antimicrobial Protection

  • Effective against MRSA

  • Destroys other types of microorganisms such as fungi & mould

  • 100% Solids

  • Incredibly durable and easy to clean

  • Low VOC and Solvent Free


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This product has been independently tested to ISO 22196 and given accreditation from Biomaster, the UK's leading provider of antibacterial agents.

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