Resincoat Exterior Floor Levelling Compound is a fibre-reinforced screed that boasts exceptional strength. This single-part solution effortlessly levels and smooths damaged or uneven concrete floors. With outstanding flexural strength, it surpasses competitors in both industrial and domestic settings. Its early strength development sets the stage for seamless overcoating, having great compatibility with epoxy resin products, as well as being being suitable to level existing concrete, screed and timber floors.

Conforms to BS EN 13813 and CT C35 F9



This product can be applied at depths between 3-50mm. For every 1mm thickness 1.7kg of dry powder per square metre will be required, for example:

  • 1m2 at 5mm thickness will require 8.5kg of dry powder.
  • 1m2 at 10mm thickness will require 17kg of dry powder. 




Before applying the self levelling screed there are some critical steps you must follow to prepare your surface to ensure good adhesion. Surfaces should be mechanically prepared and in a sound, dry condition. Any existing concrete or cement screeds must be fully cured and any laitance or loose materials removed, ensuring that the area is cleaned and vacuumed thoroughly before undertaking the following:

1. The floor must be primed using an applicable epoxy primer (see "Priming" section below). The primer you use will depend on your current floor condition, if using a damp tolerant or oil tolerant primer, then 1 coat should be applied and left to cure before a second coat is applied. All other primers will require just 1 coat.

2. Whilst the primer is still wet fully, cover the area with an aggregate like our anti-slip additive in a medium profile.

3. This is then left to cure to create a sandpaper like surface.

4. Once fully cured (typically 12-24 hours, depending on the primer used) brush off any excess aggregate and address any glossy patches by applying some more primer and aggregate.

5. Once fully covered in aggregate and cured, you can now begin applying the self levelling compound.



For new concrete floors or floors in good condition, prime with Resincoat Damp Tolerant Primer

For dusty, old or weaker floors prime with Resincoat Deep Penetrating Primer

For greasy floors with heavy oil residue clean thoroughly using a suitable degreaser scraping off any dust or dirt and then prime with Resincoat Oil Tolerant Primer



Before you begin ensure the subfloor and surrounding air temperatures will not drop below 5 degrees during application and throughout the subsequent 7 day full cure. Light ventilation is recommended, particularly in enclosed areas. Resincoat Self Levelling Compound can be applied by hand mixing, be sure to mix with cold water to avoid reducing the product's working time

See below for the relevant quantities of water required based on the size screed you have:

20kg    -    4.4 - 4.4L of water
10kg    -    2.0 -2.2L of water 
5kg    -    1.0 - 1.1L of water  


1. Pour the correct amount of clean, cold water into an oversized bucket and gradually add the power, whilst mixing continuously with a mixing paddle attached to an electric drill.

2. Once you have added all of your powder, continue to mix for a further two minutes until a lump-free smooth material is attained.

3. Pour the product directly on to your substrate using a smooth, steel trowel to spread to the desired application depth.

4.  A spike roller may also be used whilst the product is still fluid to minimise air entrapment and give a fully uniformed finish.

5. Leave to fully cure (Hard cure time is roughly 28 days, more specifically it dries at 1 day per mm applied)


PLEASE NOTE: The pot life of this product is 20 minutes. This means that once parts have been mixed, the product will start to chemically cure after this time. Ensure you remove the compound from the tin in this window. The paint will then be workable on your floor for a further 20 minutes. 

Pot life = Time to harden in pot following addition of hardener

Working Time = Time to apply product before it becomes unworkable



For industrial use: consider a pump-screed method which will allow coverage of larger areas quickly producing a smooth, effective result.

IMPORTANT: product must be stored in cover, protected from the weather and in dry conditions so that the packaging is not exposed to moisture.


Data sheet

Smooth, Natural Sand Coloured Appearance
Fibre-Reinforced Screed
Suitable For Levelling Existing Concrete, Screed, Timber Floors
Product Components
20kg Bag To Be Mixed With Cold, Clean Water
Typical Installations
Designed for external spaces that Require Levelling Before Applying Paint
Pot Life
The Pot Life Of This Product Is 20 Minutes
Application Tools
Smooth-Edge Trowel, Spiked Roller
Walk on time (at 20°C)
4 Hours
Hard dry time (at 20°C)
28 days - The point at which point it reaches its maximum quoted strength

Specific References



External Leveller TDS

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