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Resincoat Self Levelling...
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Resincoat Self Levelling Compound

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Discover Resincoat Self Levelling Compound, the ultimate fibre-reinforced solution for efficient floor smoothing. Perfect for a range of surfaces and thicknesses (3-50mm), it's specially designed for interior use and as an ideal base before applying a resin floor. Achieve a flawless finish quickly, ready for foot traffic in just 4 hours.


  • Foot traffic ready in 4 hours

  • Excellent wear resistance

  • Flexibility & strength combined

  • Free flowing, easily pumped

  • Unmatched floor smoothing precision 

  • Underfloor heating compatible 

Resincoat Heavy Duty Asphalt Repair Mortar

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£55.36 ex VAT.

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Resincoat Heavy-Duty Asphalt Repair Mortar is an epoxy repair mortar for deep fill or feather-edge concrete or asphalt floor repairs. Based upon solvent free epoxy resin technology, this three part repair mortar cures to higher strengths than that of concrete itself and can be applied onto concrete and asphalt, indoor or outdoor.


  • High strength epoxy resin
  • Ultra-strong finish
  • Suitable for heavy traffic
  • Solvent free


Resincoat Epoxy Crack Repair Filler

Price £29.99

£24.99 ex VAT.

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Resincoat Epoxy Crack Repair Filler is an ultra strong, pourable epoxy resin liquid crack filler. It is the ideal solution to penetrate, fill and seal fine cracks in concrete, brickwork or stone surfaces. Resincoat Epoxy Crack Repair is most suitable for pourable or pressure injection crack repairs in concrete or brickwork, curing to extremely high strengths. 


  • Easy to apply

  • VOC & Solvent Free

  • Pourable and Easy To Apply

  • Surface Usable in 12-24 hours (at 20°C)

  • Waterproof

  • Superb Coverage

Resincoat Rapid Set Epoxy Repair Mortar

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Resincoat Rapid Set is the fastest curing epoxy repair mortar on the market. Developed in the Resincoat laboratory, this mortar is unique in that it offers fully trafficable repair in just two hours, even at low temperatures. The product is a three-component resin and aggregate that is ideal for time critical repairs to damaged concrete floors and potholes.


  • 2-4 hour cure time - fastest on the market

  • Rapid cure even at lower temperatures (5°C and above)

  • Virtually indestructible formula

  • Easy to use

  • Includes free mixing bucket!


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Resincoat Deep Fill Epoxy Repair Mortar

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Resincoat Deep Fill Epoxy Concrete Repair Mortar is perfect for larger potholes and deep cracks in concrete surfaces. The material is easy to apply and will cure harder than the concrete around it. This formula is designed to be suitable both indoor and out and therefore is perfect for repairing concrete in warehouses, car parks, staircases and more.


  • For holes up to 50mm deep 

  • Incredible strength

  • Impervious and dust free

  • Three part system

  • Includes free mixing bucket!*


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Resincoat Acid Resistant Repair 10KG

Price £114.96

£95.80 ex VAT.

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Resincoat acid resistant repair mortar is ideal for permanent repairs to acid damaged concrete. Boasting a curing time of just 6-8 hours at 20°C, this product is great for time-critical repairs. Incredibly resilient the mortar cures stronger than concrete ensuring a long lasting finish. The product also gives excellent chemical resistance. 


  • Chemical resistance: even sulphuric acid

  • Incredibly durable

  • Easy to apply

  • Quick curing

  • Heavy traffic in at least 16 hours (at 20°C)

Resincoat Epoxy Primer

Price £32.98

£27.49 ex VAT.

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Resincoat Epoxy Primer is a high-quality, low viscosity, solvent-free epoxy primer that serves as an excellent base coat for surfaces prior to painting. Its industrial twin pack formulation allows it to penetrate deeply into the existing substrate, providing an excellent seal and preparing the surface for optimal adhesion of the top coat. 


  • Easy to mix & apply

  • Two Part Epoxy (Includes A & B)

  • Excellent adhesion & sealing qualities

  • Superb coverage

  • Solvent free


Resincoat Pro Tarmac Paint

Price £60.99

£50.83 ex VAT.

Availability: 440 In Stock

Revitalise and protect your tarmac surfaces with Resincoat Pro Tarmac Paint, the ultimate choice for restoring your driveways and paths to their original beauty. Unlike ordinary bitumen-based products found in DIY stores, our Pro Tarmac Paint goes beyond mere temporary fixes. It’s specifically engineered to deeply rejuvenate your tarmac, restoring its lost resins and vibrant colour, ensuring a transformation that endures.


  • Completely restores lost colour

  • Superior resin restoration

  • Seals & protects

  • Outstanding coverage 

  • Vastly superior to bitumen

  • Exceptional durability

Resincoat Outdoor Patio Paint

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£49.16 ex VAT.

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Resincoat Outdoor Patio Paint is the perfect way to paint your stone or concrete flag patio area. This one-pack acrylic paint is easy to apply with a brush or roller and will seal and protect the existing surface as well as giving a clean, attractive matt finish. Our UV resistant formula is designed to prevent staining and resist the weather conditions that are typical of the UK.


  • Ready mixed one-pack paint, no hardeners required!

  • Resistant to Staining, fading or discolouring

  • Jet washable

  • Pet & wildlife friendly/non-toxic formulation

  • Prevents re-growth of moss and algae


Please note it is critical to prepare the patio surface before applying this paint. You should use an etching product to open the surface. We recommend the use of Resincoat Etch & Clean.

Exterior Floor Levelling Compound

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£26.67 ex VAT.

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Resincoat Exterior Floor Levelling and Resurfacing Compound is a cutting-edge fibre-reinforced system designed to repair and resurface damaged or weakened concrete. The formula is suitable for use under external coverings or on areas exposed to rain or frost such as walkways and driveways. This product creates a solid subfloor for subsequent application of paints and coatings.


  • Water Mix System

  • 4 Hour walk on time

  • Suitable as a subfloor for most Resin-based paints

  • Suitable for pump application

  • 3 - 50mm bed thickness

Resincoat Moisture Tolerant Crack Filler

Price £26.99

£22.49 ex VAT.

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Resincoat moisture tolerant crack repair filler is ideal for application on damp and wet surfaces. Ultra-strong this liquid resin is easy to use and apply sealing fine cracks, small voids or small sections in concrete. The pourable design cures to an extremely high strength and can be applied in a range of temperatures. All our resin products are proudly manufactured in the UK to the highest standard guaranteeing a long lasting finish.  


  • Easy to Apply

  • Cures stronger than concrete

  • Long lasting finish

  • Moisture tolerant

  • Ideal for cracks up to 2cm deep

  • High quality epoxy resin


Patio Paint Bundle

Price £249.99

£208.33 ex VAT.

Availability: 5000 In Stock

Resincoat patio paint bundle is the perfect kit for transforming your outdoor space into a stylish, on-trend landscape. The bundle is perfect for DIYers and comes with everything you will need to prepare, prime and paint with our best selling patio floor paint. Manufactured in the UK the patio paint will seal & protect your patio as well as being UV stable and resistant to all weather conditions.


  • Everything included in the kit

  • DIY friendly - easy application

  • Resistant to staining

  • Jet washable

  • Stops re-growth of moss and algae

Resincoat Outdoor Patio Paint Sample Pot

Price £5.99

£4.99 ex VAT.

Availability: 4989 In Stock

  Sample Product  


Resincoat Outdoor Patio Paint is the perfect product to brighten up your outdoor space. Our sample sizes allow you to see the true finish of our patio paint and get an idea on the colours available. DIY friendly this product is easy to apply with a brush or roller. The sample product can be tested on a patio flag prior to coating the full area. 


  • DIY Friendly - easy to apply

  • Resistant to Staining, fading or discolouring

  • Great choice of colours available

  • Pet & wildlife friendly

  • Prevents re-growth of moss and algae


Resincoat Fast Cure Epoxy Crack Repair Filler

Price £29.99

£24.99 ex VAT.

Availability: 473 In Stock

Resincoat fast cure epoxy crack repair filler is the ideal solution for rapid repairs to cracks. This high strength formula is easy to apply with its DIY friendly pourable design, resulting in fine cracks and small voids being quickly repaired. Boasting a rapid 4 hour cure time, this product is great for repairs that require a quick turnaround. Use year round this product offers a high quality, professional finish. 


  • Rapid 4 hour cure time

  • Cures stronger than concrete

  • Ideal for quick repairs

  • DIY friendly

  • Cures in cold temperatures

  • High quality UK manufactured resin

Resincoat Driveway Paint

Price £36.99

£30.82 ex VAT.

Availability: 4974 In Stock

Resincoat Driveway Paint is a DIY friendly product that will instantly revive any tired or dull concrete. The stylish black finish will enhance any driveway. Manufactured in the UK to the highest standard, this luxury resin paint boasts excellent coverage and a stylish finish. Long lasting formula that is resistant to fading or discolouring.


  • Advanced resin formula

  • Effortless revival

  • Unmatched durability

  • Enhanced weather resistance

  • Hassle free application

  • Ultimate UV protection