Resincoat Acid Resistant Repair Mortar is a specialised product designed to provide a durable and resilient solution for repairing damaged concrete surfaces in environments prone to acid or chemical exposure. This high-performance mortar not only offers exceptional strength but also delivers a concrete-like smooth finish, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications. Boasting an exceptional ability to withstand the harsh conditions found in environments such as breweries, chemical plants, and other facilities with high levels of acid and chemical exposure. This makes it an essential tool for maintenance and repair teams seeking long-lasting solutions in these demanding settings.



Please see below for approximate coverage rates. If you are coating a large area and would like expert advice, please call our team who will be happy to assist you.

5kg - covers approximately 0.6m² at a 5mm thickness

10kg - covers approximately 1.2m² at a 5mm thickness




Before use of Resincoat Acid Resistant Repair we recommend that any hole or defected concrete should be thoroughly cleaned using a wire brush and vacuumed to remove any remaining dust or dirt. For particularly weak, dusty or flaking surfaces we recommend the use of Resincoat Tack Coat. This will seal the surface and ensure a good bond to the subsequent coving. 



We advise when applying this product the ambient temperature is between at least 5°C and 25°C.

1. Mix Part A on its own with a mixing paddle, attached to an electric drill, for about 2 minutes. Once mixed, add ALL of Part B and continue to mix for another 2 minutes, keeping the paddle in suspension to avoid mixing air into the unit.

2. Decant into a larger mixing vessel (15L for 10kg mix size). Gradually add filler (Part C) and mix again for a further 2-3 minutes until desired consistency achieved.

3. The mixed unit must be applied immediately, using a steel float or trowel to shape and compact the mortar into place along the wall.

4. For a perfect, smooth finish regularly wipe the trowel with a cloth dampened with white spirit as you apply. 

5. Once applied protect from weather and leave to cure for 16-24 hours at 20°C before the area is trafficable.


PLEASE NOTE: The pot life of this product is 30 minutes. This means that once parts have been mixed, the paint will start to chemically cure after this time. Ensure you remove the paint from the tin in this window. The paint will then be workable on your floor for up to 40 minutes. 

Pot life = Time to harden in pot following addition of hardener

Working Time = Time to apply product before it becomes unworkable



This product should NOT be split. Taking smaller quantities from each tin, even if measured correctly, may cause issues with activating.

Please Note: In the case of industrial freezers - this product will not cure below -3°C, regardless of how long it is left for. 


Data sheet

concrete-like smooth finish in a range of colours
Epoxy Repair Mortar with chemical resistance properties
Concrete, Cementitious Screeds, Timber, Some Asphalt Surfaces
Product Components
Resin (Part A) + Activator (Part B) + Aggregate (Part C)
Typical Installations
For repairing damaged concrete in breweries, chemical plants and other areas of acid or chemical exposure
Re-coat/Foot-traffic Time (at 20°C)
6-8 Hours
Drying Time (at 20°C)
16-24 Hours
Pot Life
The Pot Life Of This Product Is 30 Minutes
Application Tools
Flexi Mixing Bucket, Trowel, White Spirit And Cloth To Apply It To The Trowel

Specific References



Acid Resist Repair Mortar TDS

Download (433.41KB)

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